parental immunity

parental immunity

Parental immunity in Islam?

Let’s assume a situation in which a parent and a son/daughter are arguing. The son/daughter may have a more valid augmentative point, however the parent refuses to acknowledge that point due to the verses of the Quran clearly stating on respecting and being obedient to parents (therefore the parent’s argument should automatically be the correct one…)

Do parents receive full immunity from God simply because they are parents (let’s assume they are good Muslims and won’t ask their child of anything completely unreasonable), or can they be wrong at times?

Hope I’ve made my question clear…
With the assumption that the parents will NOT ask the child to do something against Islam.

More like everyday arguments…

Parents can be wrong; no one is perfect nor immune to error. However, the rights of the parents are immediate, right after the rights of Allah and the Prophet (S). The Prophet (S) said, in an authentic narration, that one of the most grievous sins is to disobey the parents.

So, the scholars have elaborated, saying that the parent’s word is law in the household. There is a Quranic statement [17:23] that, in the meaning states, “Say not a word of contempt to them.” Which is simple enough. Yet the scholars elaborate. The word there used is “Uffin” which translates to in English as literally, “Oof.”

To answer in short, yes, the parents have, under Islamic law, immunity when it comes to their children. It is also stated in Hadeeth, one of the crimes that Allah (SWT) hastens to make sure you feel in this life is the disrespect for your parents. Scholars elaborate saying that your children will do the same to you, and you’ll pay for it again in the hereafter.

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